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Most expensive luxury brands flack

On 12th of December Interbrand Agency announced the top-list of the most expensive luxury brands. Surprisingly such brands as Louis Vuitton are evaluated at the market even higher than many large companies.

Louis Vuitton poster
Louis Vuitton brand was assessed by Interbrand as $21.6 billion worth

Gucci advertisements
Gucci lagged behind Louis Vuitton very much, costing "only" $8.2 billion

Chanel advertisements
Women appraise Chanel even better than Gucci; however, the brand is $6.3 billion worth

Rolex ads
Rolex (Switzerland) is almost the only rival to French and Italian luxury brands ($4.9 billion)

Hermes poster
Hermes makes not only kerchiefs, perfume and purses, but also outfit for horse-riding ($4.5 billion)

Cartier  advertisements
Cartier (France) is specialized in making wristwatches and accessories ($4.2 billion)

Tiffany & Co ad poster
Tiffany & Co is the only representative of the USA in the list ($4.2 billion)

Prada advertisements
Prada was assessed by Interbrand as costing less than $4 billion ($3.5 billion)

Ferrary poster ads
Only true "milionario" drive Ferraris ($3.5 billion)

Bulgari advertisements
Bulgari closed the top-ten list ($3.3 billion)

Burberry advertisements
Burberry (Britain) couldn’t overcome the Italian and French companies ($3.2 billion)

Dior poster advertisements
There are so many fake Dior articles produced worldwide, that many just don’t consider the brand luxurious at all ($2 billion)

Patek Philippe print advertisements
Patek Philippe is another Swiss wristwatch company in the list ($1.1 billion)

Ermenegildo Zegna ads
Ermenegildo Zegna, a men’s suits manufacturer, didn't make it to one billion dollars ($818 million)

Ferragamo advertisements
And Italian Ferragamo is the last in the list ($722 million)

Note that among the largest premium-brands there is only one originating from the USA, it’s Tiffany & Co. The other brands belong to European companies, mainly French and Italian ones.

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